Homeowner Insurance In A Historic Neighborhood

Dated: 03/14/2017

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Today we're featuring a guest blog from Daniel Miller of Brightway Insurance, Riverside about Homeowner Insurance in a Historic Neighborhood. 

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Buying a historic home is exhilarating. It’s a time when we get to go back in time and re-live life from a generation gone by. The hard wood floors, crown molding, unique charm, and aluminum wiring. Well, that last one may not be on every homebuyer’s mind but that is very important to consider insurance when purchasing a new home. Many times the materials that craftsmen used fifty or a hundred years ago are prone to decay and may not be as strong as modern day technology.


When an older home is looking to be insured, insurance company underwriters look at homes with a different set of glasses than with other properties. First, is the home on the national registry? That will make a home harder to insure because if destroyed it has to be built back up using same products as initially intended. Most homes in historic communities are only asked to use similar products when it is readily available. That makes insurance more approachable.

Insurance companies will ask that homes ‘pass a 4pt inspection’. This inspection will look at the roof, plumbing, wiring, and HVAC. Each one of these areas have different guidelines and ways to make older homes acceptable to insurance companies. Most insurance companies ask that homes have at least five years of life left on a roof to be eligible. Some carriers also will limit the percentage of heated and cooled space under flat roofs. Electrical issues are common to include the breaker box, and the type of wiring used in the home. The biggest plumbing issues are the age of the hot water heater, and the type of pipes inside the home. Finally, carriers want to see HVAC units under 15 years old or with at least five years of life left in them.


Buying a historic home can be one of the best decisions someone can make. Just like selecting the perfect home, selecting an agent with experience with older homes is important. Please check with your insurance agent to see if he/she has access to write with dozens of carriers. Each insurance company has its own guidelines and sometimes picking a carrier is a game of cat and mouse. The more options the better likelihood an agent can insure homes correctly.

Thanks so much, Daniel, for talking with us today about Homeowner Insurance in a Historic Neighborhood! If you'd like to read more about living in the Riverside Avondale Historic District, download our free guide to the area.

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